Dossett dispensing can be an invaluable tool to aid patients in staying independent and managing their medications. Whilst not suitable alone for everyone (e.g. those with memory impairment may still need prompting to take medications from the prepared pack), we are more than happy to discuss individual requirements and personalise the service you receive from us.

Dossetts may be suitable for those;

With a large amount of medications, ensuring essential medications are not missed.

With complex dosages; we can tailor packs with timings to aid compliance to a regimen.

Who may not recall if they have taken a specific dose, the packs allow a visual glance if the ‘morning’ medications have been taken, reassuring the patient and carers where necessary.

Our packs are prepared by our Omnicell VBM, overseen by an expert team of dispensers and a pharmacist to ensure medicines are prepared exactly as you require them.

If you think dossetts may be suitable for yourself, a family member or someone you care for, please give us a call today on 01621 785042 ext. 5 to discuss your requirements. Once arranged, we will take care of the rest and deliver your medications on an agreed regular schedule.

Items outside of dossett packs (creams, insulin, inhalers etc.) remain the responsibility of the patient and/or carer(s). As part of the Mid Essex CCG, we are not authorised to order items outside of dossett packs to help reduce over-ordering of medications. Individual requirements will be considered at the time of requesting dossett packs but not all requests will be possible to accommodate. We appreciate your co-operation with this NHS initiative to reduce waste medicines.