Did you know… UK residents made 9.4 million visits overseas in August 2019 alone, an increase of 1% from August 2018. Imagine how many trips happen all year round! With that in mind, it is so important to consider your health whilst you travel.

Our pharmacist Sarah has completed a Travel Health Diploma with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, giving her an insight into current and up-to-date issues with travelling abroad.
We offer all routine travel vaccinations (excluding Yellow Fever) and anti-malarial medications and where necessary, can supply jet-lag and altitude sickness medication to ensure your trip is as comfortable and safe as possible.

Vaccinations and medications are provided subject to consultation and suitability – your safety is our priority.

Book your consultation at your convenience (same-day appointments and Saturday’s are subject to Sarah being available for consultation).

Consultations are 30 minutes per person so please allow enough time.
Please bring any prior vaccination records if possible.

Please bring a list of any prescribed medications and a medical history where appropriate.

If you require vaccinations, please make sure you have eaten or had a sugary drink within the last hour.

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Please see our competitive prices below;

Malarone£2.50Trip dependentTBC
Malarone Paed*£1.80Trip dependentTBC
Atovaquone/ Proguanil£2.30Trip dependentTBC
Doxycycline£0.80Trip dependentTBC
LariamUNAVAILABLETrip dependentTBC
Diptheria/ Tetanus/Polio£351 (adult booster)£35
Hepas A£601 (plus booster)£60
Hepas A Paed*£551 (plus booster)£55
Hepas B£553/4£165/£220
Hep A/Hep B combined£853£340
Hep A/Hep B combined Paed*£653£195
Hep A/Typhoid combined£951 (plus booster)£95
Japanese Encephalis£952£190
Tick-borne Encephalis£652/3£130/£195
Tick-borne Encephalis Paed*£652/3£130/£195

*choice of vaccine/anmalarial for children will depend upon age and somemes weight, this is will be determined during assessment.

**number of vaccinations needed can vary depending upon vaccination history and individual risks to patient or area of travel.